How To Work With Me

Tony Robbins once said: “Everybody needs a coach!”, and he is right! We all need objective mentorship and guidance in our lives to learn about ourselves, become specific about our dreams and goals, and take action on the best path to achieve them. There is no moving on or moving forward without direction and accountability.

Whether you’d like the entire nine yards or only parts of the program, I’m thrilled you’re making the commitment to yourself and bettering your life in whichever area you feel you need it most. And I’m happy to be your coach and guide along the way.

Individual Coaching
Introduction Session:
to ensure we have the same idea of what your goals are and what you’re striving for we will meet for an introduction first and talk for about 30 minutes. This will help us get on the same page.

Assessment Session: if we both feel the connection is fitting for the purpose we will move into the Assessment session and spend another 60-90 minutes working on the foundational details for your journey. This will include noting your goals, exploring the “why’s”, and go over some details that may be needed for the action plan. At that time we will also set the schedule for the next steps and discuss additional items and information that may be needed to getting started.

So the first meeting can therefore be anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours.
Ideally the meeting would happen in person but, thanks to modern technology, a video call will be just as well.

Coaching Sessions: During the Assessment we will also commit to the length of the coaching period and you have different choices, which will be discussed and agreed upon depending on the discoveries we make. In general though, a coaching package is for 3 months with weekly or bi-weekly 30 minute meetings/calls depending on your need.

Your Commitment: It is your commitment to yourself in favor of reaching your goal and fulfilling your dream. While money can be a touchy subject for some, we will go over the details and you will see that it is most often covered with a reallocation of resources that happens naturally as you are changing habits and adjust your lifestyle.

Seminars & Workshops
Aside from individual coaching I’m also offering local and destination seminars and workshops.

I frequently hold seminars about specific topics. These are usually FREE events and promoted via my Facebook page here

Some of my programs are geared towards small groups of people with the same interest and/or goal, like spiritual and personal discovery, weight management, health and lifestyle choices, financial wellness etc.

Depending on the topic, I’m offering local and destination workshops.
Local workshops are usually targeting one specific subject. In destination workshops I’m offering an extended program with more detail and opportunity to experience the subject more deeply. Travel for these workshops can be both national and international, and vary in duration depending on the topic and destination.

Details about all seminars and workshops are posted on my Facebook page here.

Contact Me
To contact me with any question related to my services and programs please use the form on the “Contact” page, or send an email to

To stay in touch and be informed about upcoming events and workshops, or to be in the know when a new post is live, follow my blog: or like me on Facebook.

I look forward to hearing from you and I’m excited to guiding you on your journey.

In Health and Happiness,