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Turn Your Passion Into Purpose With A Proven Breakthrough Formula & Sure-Fire 7-Step Guide to (re-)Launch Your Beautiful Life!

Kerstin [the key] Ide
Internationally Renowned Expert on Empowered Life Transformation
Creator ‘My Next Step 101’

So you’re thinking about recalibrating your Self or your life but really don’t know what your best opportunity is or how to go about it?
Great! I can help you with that!

To begin, select one of these two options:

Making life changes to create more beautiful and fulfilling experiences or working a successful personal business is no picnic. It takes courage, focus and determination from the first thought well into the accomplishment.

Most of all: it takes posture and conviction for what one really wants out of life, searching for the answers to and reconnecting with the findings to “Who am I?” and “What am I here for?”

Join the journey of calibrating the answers to these ever so important questions using my 7-step breakthrough formula in self-realization.

Let’s get started!

Inner Circle Mastermind

Personalized Life Transformation Journey

An Original and Unconventional Journey into Personal Stories for Change and Growth Opportunities

Wowza! You’ve got guts. I love it!
And believe me: creating change is a challenge BUT it is also a lot of fun.

On this personalized journey, we’re locking arms as we are traveling into a new level of BEing.
Yes, I’m right there with you!

Why? Because we are never done growing and just like you, I’m on a path of change and evolution. Except, I’ve done this journey sooo many times and have found the tools and the formula that makes it easier, saves time and headaches. And best of all: creates results!

When choosing this option, we look into our personal ‘makeup’, our story, and explore what opportunity to level-up is most authentic and suitable for us by

  • Defining Who We Are & What We’re About.
  • Finding Our Power-play and Turning Our Passion Into Purpose.
  • Establishing Posture and Conviction for Our Future Vision.
  • Realizing Our Calibrated Value Proposition.
  • Having Outrageous Fun & Success Doing It!

And these are the 3 major points we work through on this journey:

Heal &

~ EASY ~

Healing takes many forms. For us it is letting go of energies, toxins, and patterns non-supportive of our wellbeing and our life dreams. Instead we’ll restore our inner light, allowing our beauty, vibrancy and clear-mindedness to emerge.

*In this work we honor our body, mind and spirit with energy tools like crystals and the ready-to-use wholesome nutrition of Isagenix.

Get the scoop on my product solution for nutrient-rich food supplements here.

Know &


To self-realize, we first need to know WHOM we want to make real and WHY, honoring our authentic story from the past into today and beyond. Here we explore our life map discovering our opportunities, our Soul’s quest for healing and growth, our calling and higher goal in life.

*In this work we use our natal birth chart for clarity and direction, and the psychological systems and creative symbology in Numerology, Tarot and Oracle Cards as support.
(Using these is optional and at your discretion.)

Embody &


To KNOW is the basis to DO with confidence, posture and conviction. With our mission in mind, we’re stepping into power, going the path to purpose all the way–one growth cycle at a time–enjoying new experiences and greater successes with more ease, fulfillment and happiness–building a life and a legacy we’re proud of.

*In this work we’re putting all into practice and move forward, one amazing step after the other, toward our greatest life experiences yet.

*Resources and tools will be introduced, experienced and put to practice (optional) as we are working together. No prior experience is needed.

Join My Business

Passionate about making a true difference in the world by helping others create their best life? Then:

I want You!

Network Marketers a’go-go

This is THE MOST CHALLENGING and also THE MOST REWARDING entry into entrepreneurship nowadays, imho.

If you are ready for this adventure, you can join my team either as a product lover enjoying the benefits for yourself (no pressure), or as a product loving independent associate enjoying and sharing the benefits with others.

Learn more about my love for this company and the products here.

My Next Step 101 Brand Affiliates

I’m on a big mission helping women who are suffering the midlife blues reclaiming their beauty, their inner magic and realizing their greater purpose in this lifetime.

And I need you to spread the word with me, so that we can help as many women as possible.

Social Media Marketers

I’m looking to partner with motivated and inspired Social Media Marketers who will join into the fun building my exclusive Facebook Groups–one in English, one in German.

What I’m looking for in you in a nutshell:
Ideally you’ve created communities before, you’re dedicated to and focused on the task at hand, and you’re ready to start right now.

Whichever Option Is Your’s From the Above, Tell Me…

…what goal do you have in mind for yourself?
I’ll promise to connect with you and getting you started on your journey ASAP.

Kerstin Ide, Creator 'My Next Step 101'
Hey you! I’m Kerstin and I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Send me your question or tell me about the goal you want to achieve. I’ll make sure to connect back with you for us to explore how I can best support you in crushing it!

Ready for the adventure?

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