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Your Personalized Journey to Beauty, Purpose & Happiness

Ever asked your Self why you’re ‘here’, what your greater mission is in this life time, and why some things seem easier while others are harder to accomplish?

Have you reached a point in your life where you’re aching for change or a place of ‘belonging’ and fulfillment?

This and much more we explore on this journey. Together!

Heal Your Past. ~ Explore Better Opportunities. ~ Conquer Your Future!

This is for YOU if you are looking to…

  • Explore your story more deeply from the past into today and connect deeper with your Soul (growth) journey to take charge of a greater and brighter future.
  • Gain insights into the blind spots of your life and find the most opportune path on how to solve them, removing so the obstacles and setting you free.
  • Detox, regenerate and rejuvenate your body and mind to emerge the natural, vibrant and clear-minded beauty you are.
  • Learn the secret tools and timeless systems to life, human potential and success no-one teaches in school, empowering you to much more fulfilling and prosperous experiences–in life, love and business.
  • Change.Transform.Evolve! into a more authentic, charismatic and purpose-driven version of YOU.

Experience the Most Wonderful and Powerful Ways to…

Heal &

~ EASY ~

Healing takes many forms. For us it is letting go of energies, toxins, and patterns non-supportive of our wellbeing and life work. Instead we’ll restore our inner light, allowing our beauty, vibrancy and clear-mindedness to emerge.

*In this work we honor our body, mind and spirit with energy tools and wholesome nutrition.

Get the scoop on my product solution for nutrient-rich food supplements here.

Know &


To self-realize, we first need to know WHOM we want to make real and WHY, honoring our authentic story from the past into today and beyond. Here we explore our life map discovering our opportunities, our Soul’s quest for growth, our calling and ‘aim’ in life (aka: higher goal).

*In this work we use our natal birth chart for direction and the systems and symbology in Numerology, Tarot and Oracle Cards as support.

Embody &


To KNOW is the basis to DO with confidence, posture and conviction. With our mission in mind, we’re stepping into power, going the path to purpose all the way–one growth cycle at a time–enjoying new experiences and greater successes with more ease, fulfillment and happiness–building a life and a legacy we’re proud of.

*In this work we’re putting all into practice and move forward, one amazing step after the other, toward our greatest life experiences yet.

*Resources and tools will be introduced, experienced and put to practice (optional) as we are working together. No prior experience is needed.

Sharing my Personal Secrets to staying young, vibrant and worry free

Wholesome Nutrition | Mindset & Lifestyle | Success Path Development

What do your mid-50’s look and feel like?

“You don’t look your age…at all!” is often the first thing I hear when people get to know me. Right away followed by: “your life sounds like such a great adventure, you need to write a book about it.” And: “I wish I had the courage, alas I have to live vicariously through you I guess…”

Well, I can assure you, there was a time I would say the same things to people I met who had an amazing story of personal growth, breakthrough success and self-made freedom.

Honestly: how long can you tell yourself the fairy tales and listen to your own excuses without getting terribly annoyed with your Self? And what level of annoyance does it take for you to commit to (finally) change something?

Are you ready to take that step and make that change NOW?
I did, and you can too!

Join this journey that is unlike any of the transformative journeys you know thus far, and let me share with you my wisdom and hacks about self-realization, aging beautiful, pivoting on purpose, and experiencing life to the fullest–no matter what age or stage in life you’re in.

Are You Ready to Discover and Conquer?

“She who heals herself opens new doors to beauty, riches and happiness.
She who knows herself designs the path to beauty, riches and happiness.
She who embodies herself shares her beauty, riches and happiness!”

~Kerstin Ide

Are you ready to open new doors, design your future, and share the beauty of you to receive in resonance the wealth, fulfillment and happiness that is rightfully and abundantly yours?

My Better Way of Well-BEing: The Isagenix Advantage

The scoop on my L.O.V.E. for Isagenix

I came to Isagenix in the Spring of 2017, trying the 9-day Cleanse in preparation for my 49th Birthday Celebration. I had gifted myself a ‘time-out’ in Mexico to focus on a major shift I was planning in my life.

At the time I was a hired busy professional, a Digital Media Producer on a 24/7 schedule struggling with proper nutrition to support an over-active life style, keep me balanced and maintain my health and beauty combatting stress and burn-out while coming into age.

My plan was to transition into Entrepreneurship with a Human Potential Program I’ve developed for the past few years out of my Side-Career as Holistic Life Coach. (Yes! Hello ‘My Next Step 101’)

From the moment I started taking the Isagenix Products, I was blown away! I loved the results and the convenience of the Isagenix System immediately! 

Ever since I’ve been using the Shakes, the Cleanse and the Isagenesis Supplements daily, including them in my lifestyle and taking them with me on all my trips, relying wholeheartedly on them as my daily dose of beauty, brain-power, vitality and well-being. 

And yes, much of the smooth sailing into Entrepreneurship I attribute to Isagenix—for two reasons: 

First: the products never disappointed in keeping me at the top of my game. They continue to over-deliver on the excellent job they’ve promised from day 1.

Second: I never thought of getting into the business-side but with the amazing results I achieved I felt super guilty not sharing what is–to this day–a miracle to me. I’m continuously captured by the expertise, motivation and inspiration—from the top leadership by the Coovers down to the thousands of passionate Associates—it’s been nothing short of an amazing experience for me.

If you’re serious about having a conversation about Isagenix–whether just for the products and/or the business-side of it, connect with me here and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

I’m so excited to hearing from you!

Cheers to Beauty, Well-BEing and Adventure!

Already made up your mind?

I am very passionate about Isagenix and their products on every level and I want to work with others who have the same drive and beliefs to reach their dreams and pay it forward for others.

If you are as passionate about accomplishing the change you desire and you’re looking for a convenient and recommended nutritional solution to support your efforts, you can join me in transforming yourself and others physically, mentally and financially!

Here’s your chance to get started right away.

Tell me…

…what goal do you have in mind and why joining this VIP Journey is the best idea you had in the longest time. I’ll promise to connect with you right away to determine your starting point, customize your journey with us, and getting you started on your breakthrough ASAP.

Kerstin Ide, Creator 'My Next Step 101'
Hey you! I’m Kerstin and I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Send me your question or tell me about the goal you want to achieve. I’ll make sure to connect back with you for us to explore how I can best support you in crushing it!

Ready for the magic?

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