The ke.i Method

Kerstin Ide presenting The ke.i Method to an audience at a live event.
The ke.i Method: A GenX Rebel's 5-Step Guide to Master Change & New Beginnings like a Pro

Own the CHANGE You Desire

A GenX Rebel’s Success Formulas on Self-realization & Aging Beautiful

Let’s be honest: no-one likes to be stuck in one place or running in circles overwhelmed by ‘decision-paralysis’, ‘information overload’ or lack of ‘possibility-vision’, hence failing in reaching desired goals to move forward and up in life, career or business after corporate, family, divorce, tragedy…or whatever it is one wants to move up and on from.

The reality is: it is time to change and The Method (read: key – method) is designed to help you take the chaos and frustration out of any change effort. Instead, it empowers you to Own the Change You Desire.

The Method: A Guide to Master CHANGE & New Beginnings like a Pro

  • Learn my secret 5-Step Formula that creates focus, direction and action so you master the change you desire with confidence and gumption—every single time!
  • Get the Breakthrough Code to instantly diagnose where you’re stuck & realize opportunities on how to get out and keep going
  • Be empowered to progress with and on purpose, so you achieve more authentic and fulfilling (life) goals faster
  • Bonus: Receive The Method Cheat-sheet with the secret formula for you to use in your (growth) journey

What is The Method?

Teaching the Spiritual Laws on Soul Development for Greater Life Experiences

The Method (read: key – method) is my unique way of translating the mysterious ancient, thousands…no, millions-a-time proven systems on changing forward for personal growth and Soul evolution into today’s language.
With it, I’m presenting and teaching these terribly complicated systems in easy to understand, simple to use actionable and fun ways to break out of being stuck, empowering those who are seeking new wisdom and more meaningful life experiences while working consciously through change, new beginnings and matters of aging beautiful.

As a 0.Aries Sun with a 25.Sagittarius Moon conjunct my Ascendant (and looking at the rest of my natal birth chart), I’m the epitome on change for growth and evolution.
And I have the (life) stories to prove it. Follow my blog and you will learn all about them.

Change has been a constant since I started my journey into adulthood.
At first, every move I made was happy-go-lucky with many hit and miss events. I was very much unguided and followed my adventurous heart without a plan or greater consciousness for (my) purpose in this life across countries and continents, jumping at fun-sounding opportunities as they presented themselves.

Only later, nearing my 45th birthday, I started to truly consider what life itself and my journey in this lifetime means–to me. I became more curious about my Self, my purpose, my (life) goals, and how all of it is deeply rooted in and connected with the spiritual laws on Soul development in one’s lifetime.

Through studies and experiences, I realized my truth. And today I’m laser focused on the why, what, how and when of anything I do. And the best part, along the way–using my gifts, talents and interests–I figured out and created the tools that keep me on track and moving forward toward my best destiny without fail.
What a difference this makes in how I experience life and the opportunities I realize now to be possible!

With The Method I’m grateful to teach these millions-a-time proven systems to YOU, so you can use them as tools in your self-realization journey as well. They’ll help you find the answers, get the insights, and use the formula to change with more ease, find focus with more strengths, and keep moving (up) with more gumption and joy.

My wish for you: may you find your purpose and happiness, and work consistently on creating more of it. And may The Method be the source of inspiration, confidence and courage in working through the necessary changes so you get out of being stuck, start moving forward and keep growing while turning your greatest desires into reality.

With love,
Kerstin Ide
Creator of the Method

Teaching the Spiritual Laws on Soul Development for Greater Life Experiences
  • Create Change with More Ease
  • Find Focus with More Strengths
  • Keep Moving (Up) with More Gumption & Joy
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