Thank you Isagenix

Hi, this is Kerstin.
I’m an Expert on Conscious Evolution, working with Life Changers and aspiring Entrepreneurs who struggle to identify and realize their full potential, break their glass ceiling and turn their passion project into a successful life- or business-model; one that works in alignment with their unique personality and life goal, and empowers growth into authentic, charismatic leadership and a prosperous lifestyle of choice, fulfillment and happiness.

I came to Isagenix in the Spring of 2017, trying the 9-day Cleanse in preparation for my 49th Birthday Celebration. I had gifted myself a ‘time-out’ in Mexico to focus on a major shift I was planning in my life.

At the time I was a hired busy professional, a Digital Media Producer on a 24/7 schedule struggling with proper nutrition to support an over-active life style, keep me balanced and maintain my health and beauty combatting stress and burn-out while coming into age.

My plan was to transition into Entrepreneurship with a Human Potential Program I’ve developed for the past few years out of my Side-Career as Holistic Life Coach.

From the moment I started taking the Isagenix Products, I was thoroughly impressed! I loved the results and the convenience of the Isagenix System immediately! 

Ever since I’ve been taking the packs, the Cleanse and the Isagenesis Supplements with me on all my trips and relied wholeheartedly on them as my daily dose of brain-power and well-being. 

And yes, much of the smooth sailing into Entrepreneurship I attribute to Isagenix—for two reasons: 

First: the products never disappointed in keeping me at the top of my game. They did the excellent job they’ve promised from day 1.

Second: though I myself never really got into the Business-side of Isagenix, I’m continuously captured by the Expertise, Motivation and Inspiration—from the Top Leadership by the Coovers down to all the passionate Associates—it’s been nothing short of an amazing experience for me. 

In 2019 I decided to spend some time in Europe to expand my business and I was unable to get the products shipped to my home away from home in Germany. Ohhh did I feel the difference in my body, mind and spirit!

Needless to say, after more than one year of not being able to use the products, I’m super stoked Isagenix is now available in Germany (and many more European countries), even though the product line is still limited. 

Today Shake-days and Cleanse-Days are back in my life and I’m crossing fingers the Isagenesis supplements are following soon.

It’s been only 2 months since I started on the products again but I’m already in full swing benefitting: I feel amazing and when I go out today promoting my program, presenting my workshops, and working with clients one-on-one, people see and experience a focused, vibrant and dynamic me—a poised presence empowered by Isagenix.

Thank you Shontell for introducing this amazing Goodness to me, you are a dear friend indeed.

I’m forever grateful to you and Isagenix!

With love,

(written on Oct 2 in 2020)

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