The #1 Surprising Reason Holding You Back From Reaching Your Goals

My heart is so full!This past Sunday I was invited to join a brunch event in Zurich, Switzerland. It was hosted by dear friends of mine, Martha & Alexandra|Like Mother Like Daughter. With the event they’ve brought together women curious to learn and receive insights to a more conscious way to connect and communicate–both, withContinue reading “The #1 Surprising Reason Holding You Back From Reaching Your Goals”

Things are changing… constantly.

Right now, change is happening on a much larger scale than what we’ve known so far. Our generation—Generation X—has seen and experienced much progress in the world during this lifetime. And let’s be honest: for many it’s been a challenge to buy into some of the New or keep up with the pace and ‘futuristic’ developments.Continue reading “Things are changing… constantly.”