The Part of Conscious Transformation

(approx. 6-minute read) – As we’re continuing our journey with the last three days through the twelve Days of Christmas and the months of October, November and December, we’re also heading into the quarter of consciousness. A time when we reflect on the actions and learnings we experienced since day one of this journey throughContinue reading “The Part of Conscious Transformation”

The Journey to Your Calling and Your Happiness

(approx. 5-minute read) – This is the third part in exploring the Time between Time, aka: the 12 days between the moon year (354 days) and the sun year (365 days). They are the connection to the cycles of our personal development and our progress in life. This time we’re talking about our relationships, ourContinue reading “The Journey to Your Calling and Your Happiness”

Your Passage from February to June 2020

(approx. 6-minute read) – Yesterday I started with: “According to the natural law of personal development and our destiny promise in our personal life plan, we are working each year through a new development cycle to achieve the next level of growth, advancement and fulfillment. …” Starting today, for the next 5 consecutive days, we’llContinue reading “Your Passage from February to June 2020”