1:1 Exclusive Sessions

How You Show Up In The World,
The World Shows Up For You!

Everything I do is meant to educate, inspire and empower you…

…on your path to evolve into the most vibrant, fulfilled and accomplished version of you. And while my programs are geared to provide the most comprehensive service to move you forward, there are opportunities to get exclusive single focused sessions with me.

I’m always open to provide and collaborate on new and innovative ideas, and here are just a few of the ways we can work together in single sessions:

Personal Profile & Life Path Reading

Soul 2 Human Photography + Reading

Personal Image, Styling & Presentation Boost

Defining Your Niche & Unique Value Proposition

Design, Strategy & Project Management

Whatever goal you want to accomplish, the most important thing is to get started!

~Kerstin Ide

Are You Ready to Dive Into Your Story and Discover What You’re All About ~ For Real?

Individual Consultations: In-depth & Customized to Your Situation and Greater Life Goal

Whether you are working toward a small change or you’re seeking a breakthrough journey, without clarity and the right steps we can easily get lost in the hamster wheel of ‘trying’ without ever producing a real and lasting result.

My individual consultations are first deep dives into your story to discover, illuminate and unlock ‘all the things’ you need to know to step into your greater power.
They are the arrow and the jumping board into your journey of change, growth and results!

Each consultation is confidential and custom-tailored to you.
They are designed to gain clarity about your journey and helping you understand your authentic Self and your life experience from the past into today, release what is not yours and instead claim your untapped potential, turn confusion into opportunity, and transform your reality into something extraordinarily beautiful.

Consultations in English or German. Convenient via Skype or Zoom.

To book your personal session please complete the online payment and we connect within 24 hours to schedule your session.
The session will take place within 2 – 7 days from time of payment.

“Kerstin was absolutely amazing. She gave me the direction, knowledge and confidence I needed so desperately. I walked in with my body turned contracted, basically in a fetal position. The walking out: expanded and ready to fly!”

Nichole F., Long Beach CA

Let’s face it: in today’s world it’s easy to get swept into the river of working hard hustling for money, chasing titles and recognition, trying to do it right for anyone else but ourselves and living a superficial “happy” lifestyle. And as the years go by we realize more and more that the life we are living has little to do with the vision we had for ourselves, that we lost our own path and we are merely functioning in someone else’s success story keeping up the appearances that are expected from us.
Meanwhile…our authentic Self, our dreams of true happiness, fulfillment and greatness withering away and time seems no longer a friend of ours.

Book Your 1:1 Exclusive Consultation and Be On Your Path to:

  • CLARITY: Connect with your authentic Self and your original story. Realize the value and importance of developing your path to your destiny and the prosperity and fulfillment that lies within–for your Self and others.
  • VISION: Lay out your goals with conviction according to your authentic story. Open your Self to the possibilities of achieving that which brings you happiness. Use the power of your mind AND intuition to create and manifest the reality you desire.
  • SUCCESS: Experience the transformation by stepping into your power and move through your most opportune goal processes with confidence, energy and joy. Live your authority, determine the correct resources and investment opportunities and stay focused on fulfilling your destiny promise in life and business.
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“Kerstin was incredibly intuitive and kind. She brought me a lot of the clarity I needed and touched on topics I was wondering about without me telling her.
So impressed! I’ll be a customer forever.”

~ Laura D., Los Angeles CA

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Payment & Return Policy

Sincerity in your development work is important to us. There is nothing more frustrating and limiting than excuses.
Don’t you agree?
To support you best on your journey to greatness, we decided therefore to have a no refund policy on personal consultations.
If you feel our consultations, e-courses and products are valuable to you and your personal and professional development, join in the fun of the exploration of your Self. There is nothing more exciting than to break out of your comfort zone and learn something new, even for a second time!

This Legal Disclaimer & Terms of Service for Intuitive Consultations applies for any and all of my consultations.

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