Your Breakthrough Journey
to Growth, Success & Happiness

Learn, Take Charge and Experience
Your Transformation through the 12 Key-Experience Areas in Life and Business

This is for the entrepreneurial spirited and anyone becoming serious about consciously creating their life and building their career in alignment with their dreams and destiny promise.

This is for those committed to breaking free from limitation and succeed with new levels of clarity, vision, vitality and zest for life and business.

By completion of this unique transformative program you are able to

  • Show self-confidence and charisma through self-knowledge
  • Understand the true value of what you have to offer–in life and business
  • Design your life balanced and authentic to you and your highest purpose
  • Make choices that are in alignment with your destiny path
  • Step into your power sooner and live your happiness and fulfillment longer.

The mentorship opens again in October 2020 with enrollment for 2021.
The program starts on January 1st, 2021.
Stay tuned for the announcement!

“I’ve been consulting with Kerstin for several years now and her guidance has always been remarkably on point! In the last several years I have reached further and accomplished more than I ever thought possible! Thank you so much Kerstin!”

~ Jamie D., Orange County CA

Stop Guessing.
Start Now!

Whether you’re at the beginning of your breakthrough journey looking for insights and direction to your most authentic and direct path to Self-realization, or course-correct all or selected areas in your life to fulfill your dreams and calling, this program aims to be your guide, a beacon of light, your power, your focus, your success.

The result we achieve together is a more confident and focused You, taking strategic and profitable action creating your inspiring and captivating story, transforming into the most beautiful You, and living your best life NOW.

Welcome to ‘My Next Step 101’!

‘My Next Step 101’ was created with you in mind, giving you access to my 30+ years of professional expertise and 50+ years of life wisdom in personal and spiritual development and breakthrough success design as result of:

1) my own turbulent life story in which I had to change, transform and re-invent myself numerous times before realizing that there is an easy formula taking the struggle out of life’s lessons,

2) my natural interest and long-time studies in holistic consciousness and the cyclic law of personal growth in relation to professional and business success with the original personal development code captured in Natal Astrology, Numerology and Tarot, and 

3) my 25+ years mentoring in personal and professional development–using these tools–to coworkers and clients as a byproduct of my international career as Producer and Program Manager in traditional and digital media, leading individuals and teams to thrive and succeed in their potential, their careers, businesses, and ultimately in their personal lives too. 

I’m thrilled you’re getting started on your breakthrough journey.
And I’m glad to be your guide through this exciting time.

Kerstin Ide
Founder and Creator ‘My Next Step 101’

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