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Are You CONSCIOUSLY Thinking About THIS?

Every age, every generation has its own opportunities for growth, adventure and accomplishment. For all it is called: Life Experience.

What kind of life experience we have, greatly depends on how well we understand and play the Game of Life at any time.

In Change.Transform.Evolve! we reveal to you the secrets to the timeless rules of the game, unlocking the wisdom and knowledge to life, success and happiness no school teaches you today.

Life IS Much More:
It’s Time to Experience it FULLY!

Are you tired of feeling like this?

Then Change.Transform.Evolve! is for YOU!

Don’t stay behind:

Fast-track your growth, achieve extraordinary results, and save years of expensive trial and error.

Change.Transform.Evolve! is a creative journey into the timeless secrets of life, holistic consciousness honoring Body, Mind and Soul, and (human) potential development.

Here we’re exploring the original systems on personal growth for authentic success and true happiness. Systems many have forgotten or not yet understood. Systems we often try to neglect or overrule, just to realize without them, we suffer. 

Stop sitting in the back seat of your life!
Get in the front seat and maneuver your greater opportunities, playing full out


…the foundational systems with the 12 steps to greatness and evolve your vision of what’s possible for you.


…your Self and your circle of influence to grow and develop into your highest version; a charismatic leader capable of fulfilling your visions.


She conquers who conquers herself!
Learn to play the Game of Life with focus, gumption and joy.
Experience WINNING forward.

Here’s Your Change.Transform.Evolve! Advantage:

By joining the C.T.E! Community you’ll get:

  • Access to the timeless wisdom and secret guidelines to mastering the Game of Life with gumption and joy
  • Find CLARITY, DIRECTION and EMPOWERMENT to realize your calling and achieve your goals as stepping stones to level-up your life, career or business
  • Learn unique systems and tools supporting you in healing your past and opening new opportunities for a better future
  • Develop greater CONSCIOUSNESS and establish FOCUS to aim for greater accomplishments-honoring Body, Mind and Soul
  • Step into your greatest power SOONER and live your happiness and fulfillment LONGER.


Mini Classes & Workshops Throughout the Year

We are giving you the most valuable insights and wisdom for clarity, focus and tools for action to develop your Self and design your life to your highest potential and opportunity.

BONUS for Those Interested in Making Life ‘Magical’

These master classes will be marked as specialty content and you can decide if this is for you to learn about. They are general introductions and based on holistic consciousness practices.

Not enough? You also have access to this!

“I’ve been consulting with Kerstin for several years now and her guidance has always been remarkably on point! In the last several years I have reached further and accomplished more than I ever thought possible! Thank you so much Kerstin!”

~ Jamie D., Orange County CA

Stop Guessing.
Start Now!

Be part of Change.Transform.Evolve! and get access to:

  • Master classes on announced topics (posted as we go through our growth journey)
  • Monthly live sessions on selected ancient timeless wisdom and energy tools
  • Weekly live sessions on mindset and lifestyle shifts
  • On-demand group-Zoom calls for deeper exploration of topics covered in master classes and live sessions 
  • Empowerment sessions on Facebook LIVE every week to help support your goals.
  • Monthly Q&A sessions based on your submissions
  • Bonus: the group will be stocked ongoing with valuable content supporting your journey
  • But wait, theres’ more: you will be in great company, surrounded by like-minded women who are just as eager as you to Change.Transform.Evolve! 

Whether you’re at the beginning of your breakthrough journey looking for insights and direction to your most authentic and direct path to Self-realization, or course-correct all or selected areas in your life to fulfill your dreams and calling, this program aims to be your guide, a beacon of light, your power, your focus, your success.

The result we achieve together is a more confident and focused You, taking strategic and profitable action creating your inspiring and captivating story, transforming into the most beautiful You, and living your best life NOW.

Kerstin Ide, Leiterin 'Atelier Lebenskunst'

Welcome to ‘My Next Step 101’ and Change.Transform.Evolve!

‘My Next Step 101’-the program and Change.Transform.Evolve!-the community were created with you in mind, giving you access to my 50+ years of life wisdom (yes, I’m passed the 5.0.) in personal and spiritual development and breakthrough success design as result of:

1) my own turbulent life story in which I had to change, transform and re-invent myself numerous times before realizing that there is an easy formula taking the struggle out of life’s lessons,

2) my natural interest and long-time studies in holistic consciousness and the cyclic law of personal growth in relation to professional and business success with the original personal development code captured in ancient systems for human development, timeless teachings of our ancestors and 

3) my 25+ years mentoring in personal and professional development–using these systems and methods–to coworkers and clients as a byproduct of my international career as Producer and Program Manager in traditional and digital media, leading individuals and teams to thrive and succeed in their potential, their careers, businesses, and ultimately in their personal lives too. 

I’m thrilled you’re getting started on your breakthrough journey with My Next Step 101 and Change.Transform.Evolve!
And I’m glad to be your guide through this exciting time.

Learn more about me here.

Kerstin Ide
Creator ‘My Next Step 101’

Membership Sign-up

Choose between these two options:

12-Month Membership (CTE Group only)

$99 per YEAR

Reduced from $199 per year!
Offer only valid January 2021!

An easy way to start your journey!

This is a ONE-TIME payment for a 12-months CTE-membership and only valid for payments processed before 01/31/2021 @ 11:59pm ET.
After this date and time the standard yearly subscription price will take effect again.

VIP Opportunity (Personalized)

Per Your Commitment to Your Self.

Customized packages. Includes product purchase with money back guarantee.
This is a personalized option and your investment will reflect your goal vision.
Minimum 3-months commitment for maximum effect.

This is YOUR time!

Frequently Asked Questions

The following applies to the CTE-group membership only.
FAQ’s to the VIP opportunity are addressed here.

What happens after I purchased my membership?

After receipt of your membership fee, you will receive an invitation to the exclusive Facebook group Change.Transform.Evolve! We will send the invitation link to the email address you provided when you purchased your membership. This usually happens within 24 hours.
When joining the group there are a few focus questions you want to answer so that we know what you’re working on. As soon as your membership in the group has been confirmed, you will have access to the information that has already been published and of course the latest content as it is posted.

How is the program laid out?

The CTE-group program is designed for 1 year. Each month focuses on one of the twelve key development areas of growth and the 12 steps to ‘level-up’ in each and all. However, since all key-experience areas are interconnected, we will be talking some detail on each every month in the master class or live sessions.

The goal is to support you with new perspectives, innovative ideas and breakthrough experiences, furthering your talents and potentials, and empowering you on your journey to realizing an authentic and successful life path.

Do I need prior knowledge or skills to participate?

The most important thing is an ‘Open Mind’ and an open heart, combined with a good portion of curiosity for topics such as personal development, holistic consciousness and everything to do with Growth Mindset ’, even if you are not (yet) familiar with them.

My work is based on the principle of the holistic theory of consciousness and reflects the synergy of Body, Mind and Soul. My focus is the timely and authentic development of the human potential for self-realization, self-determination and leadership for focused and sustainable growth in life and business.

The shared information in Change.Transform.Evolve! follow the principles mentioned before and are laid out as a creative development journey that you can design at your own pace and taste. Nothing is an obligation, everything is in your hands. You can choose which content is for you.
The principle of personal responsibility counts here!

What if I can’t continue my membership?

You can cancel your membership forward at any time. You are not bound by contracts or the like! You decide which current membership model is best for you (monthly or 1 year).

How long can I access the content and information?

The program is designed for 12 months. No matter when you start, you have access as long as you are a member.

We are excited to seeing you in Change.Transform.Evolve! and meeting you at our online events!

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Payment & Return Policy

Sincerity in your development work is important to us. There is nothing more frustrating and limiting than excuses. 
Don’t you agree? While you can cancel your membership forward at any time, we have a no refund policy on our provided services and content you accessed during your membership.
If you feel our content is valuable to you and your personal and professional development, join in the fun. There is nothing more exciting than to break out of your comfort zone and learn something new, even for a second time!

This Legal Disclaimer & Terms of Service for Intuitive Consultations applies for any and all of the content on this and all related pages, plus my consulting services.

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