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Find Your Path and Excel as
Entrepreneur and Network Marketing Professional

So your mind is set on starting your own business, either with a product you invented, a specialized service…or: you even consider distributing a product you use and love.
BUT, you are unsure…

  • What does it mean for me to be an Entrepreneur?
  • Which area of expertise and market niche is aligned with my personality and calling?
  • What’s the best path to go from being employed to being my own boss?
  • How do I find and maneuver the most opportune path through the ‘growing gains’ of entrepreneurship all the way to success?
  • Where do I find the right support and network?

“Working with Kerstin was always a pleasure. She was instrumental in taking a company that was disorganized and turning it into a streamlined successful business.”

Willis Wood, President of Trade Show Emporium, Denver, CO

Your Business is a Reflection of You!

Realize your untapped potential.
Discover your unique constellations for success.
Unlock your breakthrough code to greater levels of impact and fulfillment in your business.

Grab Your Seat: Book Your Specialized Business Consultation Now!

Unlock Your Breakthrough Code to Success

[Insights. Perspectives. Opportunities.] The Success Code Consultation is a deep dive into your authentic story and your calling, revealing the hidden yet necessary-to-know insights for you to…

  • Understand your personal opportunities for breakthrough experiences in your career and business
  • Explore your areas of expertise connecting you to your calling
  • Realize cause and effect of blindspots and challenges you encounter again and again
  • Conquer your fear, break your glass ceiling, accomplish your goals with strategy and gumption, and
  • Go for success!

Consultations in English or German. Convenient via Skype or Zoom.
Complete the online payment and we connect within 24 hours to schedule your session.

Get Your Action On. Reach for the Stars!

[90 days of action to success] This is custom-tailored to you, your unique constellation and personality–no ‘one-fits-all’ process. During these transformative 90 days you will…

  • Get crystal clear on your mission and connect deeply with your ‘why’
  • Understand the value of your Self and your mission as a progressive business model
  • Realize your Breakthrough Code through the key-experience areas of growth–in life and business
  • Create your success vision, set new perspectives, learn and grow
  • Set priorities for your goals and implement a tangible strategy
  • Build a supportive environment–personally and professionally–to grow your business
  • Become unstoppable being a thriving Entrepreneur

Included in this 90-day [12-week] Program:
✓ 1:1 Consultation to assess your situation and goal, unlocking your personal success code (Value $500)
✓ 1:1 Strategy planning session for tangible progress and goals (Value $500)
✓ 2 coaching calls empowering the next goal (Value $1,000)
✓ 2 accountability calls reviewing results and progress (Value $500)
✓ 1 success consultation with future vision (Value $500)
♯ Total Value of this program is $2,800. >>> Check the Purchase Price for Your Special Offer!

Your Commitment: Key to Growth & Success!

[12 strategy calls] …Some times are easier than others and depending on the makeup of your business, you may rely on an objective outside voice to keep the show going.
These Strategy & Progress calls are customized to your unique business setup and profit goals, ensuring an open dialogue and streamlined efficiency when building or growing your business.

Included are:
✓ 1 Intensive Consultation to assess your situation and strategy planning (Value $500)
✓ 10 progress and training calls (Value $250)
✓ 1 Success consultation (Value $500)
♯ Total Value of this program is $3,500. >>> Check the Purchase Price for Your Special Offer!

“It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Kerstin. I’m particularly impressed by her ability to infuse the human touch into her approach. She successfully brought disparate teams with strong personalities together to execute with great success on a tough project.”

~Candy Johnson-Eich, Chicago IL

It doesn’t matter when you start.
It’s important that you start!

“Whether you’re at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey or you are on the path of reinventing your Self or your business…there’s never been a better time to begin your breakthrough success journey than NOW!”

– Kerstin Ide

Payment & Return Policy

Sincerity in your development work is important to us. There is nothing more frustrating and limiting than excuses. 
Don’t you agree?
To support you best on your journey to greatness, we decided therefore to have a no refund policy on all consultations.
If you feel our consultations, e-courses and products are valuable to you and your personal and professional development, join in the fun of the exploration of your Self. There is nothing more exciting than to break out of your comfort zone and learn something new, even for a second time!

This Legal Disclaimer & Terms of Service for Intuitive Consultations applies for any and all of my consultations.

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