Uncensored Musings and Wisdom of a 50+ year Young Bohemian Spirit

Von der Krise zum Erfolg

(approx. 5-minute read) – Hilfe aus ungewöhnlicher Quelle Dieser Tage werden wir uns einigem bewusst, und das nicht nur in Bezug auf die Geschehnisse in der Welt. Viele Menschen sind jetzt mit ihrer eigenen Wirklichkeit konfrontiert. Für viele ist es ein Erwachen welches wichtige Fragen aufwirft. “Wie beeinflussen die weltlichen Geschehnisse meine Zukunft?”, “Wie wirdContinue reading “Von der Krise zum Erfolg”

Your Passage from February to June 2020

(approx. 6-minute read) – Yesterday I started with: “According to the natural law of personal development and our destiny promise in our personal life plan, we are working each year through a new development cycle to achieve the next level of growth, advancement and fulfillment. …” Starting today, for the next 5 consecutive days, we’llContinue reading “Your Passage from February to June 2020”

Time between Time

(approx. 6-minute read) – Every year, at the End of December, we prepare ourselves for the New Year with wishes and visions of what we want to change and accomplish ‘next year’. To start the process many ask themselves questions like:  Where am I at in life now and where am I heading? Am IContinue reading “Time between Time”

The Map to Our Life

(approx. 4-minute read) I was always drawn to the Tarot. It was the system of bringing forth circumstances and situations—at first seemingly mysterious and later a source of deep philosophy and truth—that fascinated me. It was never the perceived subject of the Tarot being an occult tool. Using the cards to understand and explore causesContinue reading “The Map to Our Life”

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