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Life turns magical and captivating when we allow our Self to emerge from the rubble of the past, release old patterns and burdens, and rise above our perceived limits.
You’ll be surprised about the beauty and perfection of a liberated soul living its divine purpose.

~Kerstin Ide, Creator ‘My Next Step 101

My Story & My Mission | Official Bio | Personal Consultations

My Story…

…is that of an ancient path. I’m here to ensure the original systems for personal development and evolution on the Soul’s behalf are being kept alive, as they are timeless in application and required to be—not only remembered and understood in theory—but realized and put into practice today and in the future by each individual; to recognize and heal their path, claim their purpose in full capability, and fulfill their destiny promise to themselves and the world we create with the impact we make and the legacy we leave.

My desire is to open the eyes, minds and hearts of entrepreneurial spirited women to their authentic and unique gifts and talents, embrace them as opportunities for self-realization and purpose to create something incredible of their own.
My vision is to wake women up to their power in the Now, push boundaries, (re-)define beliefs, and create an energetic consciousness to the connection of the Body, Mind and Soul that leaves no doubt but to become the best and highest version of what they can be.
My mission is to empower and guide women to believe in themselves and that, which they have to offer, has value and is worth the courage to Change.Transform.Evolve!, to step into their strength and yes: experience the success in everything they desire to achieve and enjoy the wealth there is for everyone.
My purpose is to be the seeing eye for what is hidden from plain view, the wisdom guide for what needs to be known, and the energy to direct, heal and manifest the change and transformation that creates impact and results.

My Manifest: Struggle Less for Success!
Know your Calling sooner. Live your Legacy and Happiness longer!

Personal Consultations

These 1:1 personal sessions are designed to helping you understand your authentic Self and your story from the past into today, release what is not yours and instead claim your untapped potential, turn confusion into opportunity, and transform your reality into something extraordinarily beautiful.

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Dear Kerstin, I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for meeting you and our reading on Sunday. It was amazing! It was the first time my parents and I felt at peace about our situation. It brought so much relief. Thank you so much!

~Ilona Benderson

Official Bio

Kerstin Ide is an Internationally Renowned Expert on Spiritual & Conscious Evolution, Sage Woman, and transformative leader and mentor empowering success and evolution in life and business.

Based out of Los Angeles, CA (USA) with a branch office in Wangen am Bodensee (Europe/Germany), she works with entrepreneurial inspired women and men around the world who are ready and committed to developing their personal and professional story into a deeper and more captivating, prosperous and fulfilling life experience.

Her first career started in Germany some 30-years ago with a formal education in traditional Design, and evolved later into the digital world of Multimedia Production. Parallel established Kerstin a professional path in Holistic Life Coaching with ongoing studies in the original human development teachings captured in esoteric philosophies, natal Astrology, Numerology, Tarot and Quantum Energy practices, as well as NLP and modern leadership and success methodologies.

Her career moved her from Germany to Spain, to Canada and the US, applying her wisdom and expertise throughout the years to a thriving career as a sought-after Producer and Program Leader, Advisor and Executive working with Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, and Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies.

In 2017, after 25+ years in traditional and digital Media, she decided to leave her corporate career and concentrate fully on mentoring individuals and entrepreneurs as a business. 

Since then she created ‘My Next Step 101′. With this platform she shares her special gift of insight und wisdom in the cyclic laws of personal and professional evolution and the correlation to the levels of breakthroughs, achievements and success one can master, based on their authentic blueprint and destiny promise rather than their perceived life reality.
It is an invaluable tool for anyone ready to meet their own brilliance, fulfillment and happiness in business and in life.

Kerstin provides her clients timely success opportunities and, through trusted product-partner offerings, proven tools and easy to implement ‘done-for-you’ solutions, enabling her clients to step into their power sooner and live their happiness, calling and best life longer.

Her original, heart-centered yet objective and empowering consulting style, paired with her knowledge and expertise in unique subject matters, holistic consciousness and success practices, has gained her a loyal following and is attracting new clients every day.

Kerstin travels between her offices in Los Angeles, CA (USA) and the beautiful Lake Constance area in southern Germany (Europe), just 40 minutes outside of Zurich (Switzerland) where she has a second home and office.

She presents at destination events and workshops on topics such as

  • How Ancient Teachings on a System Called ‘Life’ Empower Success Today
  • Aging Beautiful & The Fountain of Youth
  • Developing Personality & Authentic Style and
  • Personal Growth for Business Success: Living a Life of Purpose & Fulfillment.

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