Get Personal with Kerstin!

My Mission…

My mission is to open the eyes, minds and hearts of women to their TRUE and UNIQUE gifts and talents of the feminine with intuition, beauty, care and nurture, encourage and guide them to believe in themselves and that, which they have to offer, has worth and is worth the courage to change and design their path, make the effort to participate in creating better lives for themselves and others and yes: experience the success in everything they desire.

My vision is to wake women up to their power in the Now, push boundaries, (re-)define beliefs, and create an energetic consciousness to the connection of the body, mind and spirit that leaves no doubt but to become the best version of what She wants to be.

Here is to life, adventure and happiness!


Who I Serve

  • Women ready to leave their comfort zone behind and experience the path into their own beauty, truth and wisdom
  • Women who are ready to re-write their story and make a difference in their personal and professional life
  • Aspiring women business owners seeking their niche and mission to contribute making this world a better and healthier place


I love collaborating and I’m partnering with other businesses whose core value aligns well with mine: to help people be holistically healthy and become the most authentic and best version of themselves.

The Story

Kerstin with husband
“Unthinkably good things can happen even late in the game. It’s such a surprise.”

Kerstin is an Internationally Renowned Transformational Coach & Life Path Consultant based in Los Angeles, CA (USA).

Born in Germany, she started her early career with a formal education in Graphic Design and Multimedia Production, and added soon a secondary professional path in Alternative Psychology and Holistic Coaching.

Her career moved her from Germany to Spain, to Canada and the US, applying her wisdom and expertise throughout the years to a thriving career as a sought-after Producer and Program Leader, Advisor and Executive working for Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. 

After 25+ years in traditional and digital Media she decided to leave her career in 2017 and concentrate fully on Transformational and Holistic Coaching as a business. 

Since starting her own company she created ‘My Next Step 101’— The Inspired Woman’s Guide for Lasting Beauty, Style and Purpose; a Transformational Personal Development Program for women who struggle realizing self-love and self-worth and lacking therefore the progress, growth and success they desire.

Kerstin provides her clients in personal consultations and group workshops timely success opportunities, and through trusted product-partner offerings proven tools and easy to implement ‘done-for-you’ solutions, which in combination address a holistic consciousness to the core of the matter and enable personal breakthroughs for the most effective path to achieving ‘the impossible’ in the ‘Now’.

Her original heart-centered yet objective and empowering coaching style, paired with the unique use of spiritual and sacred tools and holistic wellness practices, has gained her a loyal following and is attracting new clients every day.
She has also captured the interest of leading health & wellness companies both in North America and Europe, resulting in powerful partnerships for added value to her clients.

Kerstin travels between her offices in Los Angeles, CA (USA) and the beautiful Lake Constance area in southern Germany (Europe), just 40 minutes outside of Zurich (Switzerland) where she has a second home and office. She presents at destination events and workshops, and enjoys 1:1 mentoring on topics of ‘Aging Beautiful & The Divine Feminine‘, ‘Developing Personality & Authentic Style’, and ‘Living a Life of Purpose & Fulfillment’.