Get Personal with Kerstin!

My Mission…

My mission is to open the eyes, minds and hearts of women to their TRUE and UNIQUE gifts and talents, encourage and guide them to believe in themselves and that, which they have to offer, has worth and is worth the courage, effort and yes: success, to yet share again with others, to fulfill their soul purpose and dreams, and live their most authentic lives passionately, free, with joy.

My vision is to wake women up to their power in the Now, push boundaries, (re-)define beliefs, and create an energetic consciousness to the connection of the body, mind and spirit that leaves no doubt but to become the best version of what She wants to be.

Here is to life, adventure and happiness!


Who I Serve

  • Anyone ready to leave their comfort zone behind and experience the path into their own truth and wisdom
  • Women who are ready to re-write their story and make a difference in their personal and professional life
  • Aspiring business owners seeking their niche and mission to contribute making this world a better and healthier place


I love collaborating and I’m partnering with other businesses whose core value aligns well with mine: to help people be holistically healthy and become the most authentic and best version of themselves.

The Story

Kerstin with husband
“Unthinkably good things can happen even late in the game. It’s such a surprise.”

Born in Germany, Kerstin started her early professional path with a formal education in engineering design, and added later degrees in graphic design, multimedia and digital media production.
With her career she moved from Germany to Spain, to Canada and finally to the US, where she continued to thrive as a thought-after and successful Senior Program Manager working for Fortune-500 and Fortune-100 companies.
After 25+years in traditional and digital Media she decided to leave that career path in 2017 to fully engage in what was in her heart all along: her own consulting business.

Alongside her early career Kerstin studied and practiced for over 30 years a variety of alternative and traditional methods for Personality Profiling, striving to improve individual and team performances for the projects and programs she managed.
Resulting from this work and the unique combination of the systems, methods and teachings she is using for her original way of personality profiling and life path consultations, combined with her genuine interest in people, their gifts and talents, and her compassion to helping realize their goals–personally and professionally–she quickly became the go-to person for personal and career consultations and transformational guidance.

During countless conversations in the many years of consulting, she recognized that specifically women are quietly suffering with great regret, illusion, disappointment and disenchantment to their Self and the life they’re experiencing.
Having had her own share of confusion, mis-direction and mis-belief, resulting in hardships of different magnitudes, she honed in specifically on guiding  women to self-realization, self-worth, and the right to belong and succeed in ALL aspects of their desires, dreams and goals.

Since starting her own consulting business (Kerstin Ide LLC – a Personal Development Consulting Agency) she created “My Next Step 101″—A Transformational Personal Development Program, connecting women with their Self, their purpose, and their life path, and mentoring them along the way with the immense enjoyment to see each person rise up and succeed beyond their dreams.

Kerstin travels between her offices in Los Angeles, CA (USA) and the beautiful Lake Constance area in southern Germany (Europe), just 40 minutes outside of Zurich in Switzerland, presents at destination events and workshops, enjoys 1:1 mentoring on topics of Health & Inner Beauty, Purpose & Fulfillment, and Freedom Lifestyles, and loves her life surrounded by family and friends.