My Story

About Me
Hi, my name is Kerstin and I’m coaching women and men in matters of spiritual and personal development, focusing on health and wellness, lifestyle and financial freedom.

My coaching style and method is probably different from what you know of mainstream coaching but this is perhaps the reason why you’re here.
So, thank you for your curiosity and courage!

I started coaching 20 years ago alongside a successful career in Digital Media as Program Manager, working with people from all walks of life and all professional and executive levels, in different parts of this beautiful world.

Over time the emphasis on the coaching practice outgrew my career in digital marketing and after a solid 30 years in corporate and small business I decided to dedicate myself full time with my own practice to helping others, like you, realize their dreams and goals.

The distance between your DREAMS and REALITY is ACTION!

My Story
Many of my family, friends and colleagues keep encouraging me to write a book of the countless adventures that are my life. And while they have a point, I’m not quite there yet.

As I’ve passed my big 5-0, my 50th birthday, I’m going for sharing my wisdom and knowledge about life instead, applying everything I learned and experienced so far, by helping others to improve their life and reach their potential.

I think the experience of sharing and coaching will bring much more depth to the story. And I can still write the book when I’m 70 years old, right?

For now, let me just give you the skinny on me:

I was born and raised in Germany, in East Germany to be precise. Being one of a Generation that experienced crossing a dividing border of contrasting governments within one country has given me a very different opinion of what freedom and opportunity means. Ever since leaving East Germany I made a point of living my freedom and I traveled extensively, and even lived in several countries throughout Europe and North America, before settling in Los Angeles, CA.

Though in Germany we had a tough and solid academic education which was meant to set us up with knowledge and common sense for the rest of our lives, I never stopped learning – to this day.
Early on I rode the wave of must-study’s and must-knowing’s required by parents and government, I later enjoyed the studies of my own choosing. Needless to say my educational path had some detours but looking back, there is a recognizable and common thread through any subject I ever got involved learning about.

The same happened to my career: dictated at first by the government I started with a very technical degree (engineering design) that soon took a turn into a more creative direction (graphic & multimedia design), to be completed by conceptual developments and planning (program management).

But this was only half of my interest. Working with technology was fun but there’s a complete different side to me that is interested in the wisdom of the ages with alternative psychology, the old sciences and teachings of life, and ancient wellness methods like Ayurveda and other Holistic Health Practices.

For many years I read and studied much about energy and nutritional influences on physical and mental wellness, human archetypes, how to read an individual’s blueprint and discover the history, purpose and opportunities for that person, and how to put it all together, creating (or re-creating) a path to insight, understanding and breakthrough.

Perhaps all that was the reason I became the in-official “office counselor” in many places I worked at.

As people began to understand the power of knowing the Self and what opportunities developed for them because of that, I was quickly thought after for consultation reaching far outside of my normal workspace.

And because I enjoyed counseling people so much I started offering my services as Holistic Wellness & Life Coach for personal development to anyone seeking guidance, and I’ve been doing this now for some 20-odd years, and still with the same joy and enthusiasm.

Take advantage of the deep wisdom and knowledge of someone who’s done and accomplished a lot of successes in life, and is happy to guide you in achieving yours.
~Kerstin Ide @ MyNextStep101