It’s the little things…

This morning I woke up exhausted from a really amazing birthday yesterday and my first impulse was to stay in bed and sleep my ‘being tired’ off. After all: I work from home, I’m my own boss, and no-one would know… Can you relate?

But then I remembered my big goal–and the WHY–and getting up suddenly beat the excuse and became the more exciting choice.

What big goal are you working on that gets you out of bed easy?
Share with me and the world, we cheer you on!

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Hi, I'm Kerstin--GenX rebel, bohemian💜 and quirky middle ager (hello 54!) I’m an internationally renowned expert on Soul2Human Communication, Creative Media Producer & Lifestyle Photographer. I'm also a personal mentor to those seeking growth through change in their best effort to establish a powerful personal brand in life and business. Are you ready? Join the journey!

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