The June-connection to Productivity & Health

(approx. 2 minute read)

☀️June is in the house! And with the arrival of the 6th month of the year we are moving into the energy of Productivity and Health

How does this fit together? It’s like this:

We are called to pay close attention to being productive rather than busy, examining closely what we are doing on a daily basis. Our actions should be focused on progress and directly support our personal and professional goal(s), our Soul growth, and our contribution to making the world a better place.

We are also called to recognize the things and actions that do not support us in our pursuit of personal and professional success, brilliance and happiness–anything that is stalling and holding us back instead, and contributes therefore to an ill state of body, mind and spirit.

Our health is not just visible on our bodies; it’s also recognizable in our state of mind and brightness of spirit.

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Are you ready?

Message me on the Contact page what you’re working on or what your goals are if you need additional insights to what is suitable in your path to healing, success and happiness.

Here is to a productive month of June 🤓

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