Your Ego and the Month of January

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According to the natural law of personal development and our destiny promise in our personal life plan, we are working each year through a new development cycle to achieve the next level of growth, advancement and fulfillment. By realizing and completing each level we are the creators of our own success or failure, development or stagnation, a life fully lived or wasted.

The time between the lunar and the solar year is the time when we prepare consciously for the things we want to change and need to accomplish during the upcoming year, aka: our next development cycle.

Staying consciously connected to our life plan and setting goals for the next phase is the best way to keep our development moving and our life, our happiness and fulfillment toward our destiny promise, our calling and—let’s face it: our dream life—on track.

The time between the years is one of the more important times in which we have the opportunity to connect to our Self, review what we achieved so far, plan our next goals, and set the sails for the journey through the 12 departments of our being and our life into the New Year.

It All Starts With Goals: Your 2020 in the planning.

Take a piece of paper and note your goals for 2020 in the following 3 areas:

Self: How would I like to evolve as a person? What would I like to change/improve in my personal traits and my image (body/style/presentation)

Relationships: Who do I want to be in my relationships? Which relationships are important to me and are supporting me in my goals? What do I need to change to have better relationships?

Career and Finances: What do I want to achieve in my career? What is the next level for me? Which financial goal is attached to this?

Your Passage Through the Year and Your Personal Development

Today is the first day and the first night of twelve. Today we are setting sail into our Ego and the month of January 2020.

What you’ll need

  • White Sage Smudge
  • Paper and Pen
  • Your Natal Birth Chart (if available)
  • Tarot Cards (or Oracle deck)
  • About an hour worth of your time to invest in your Self and your goals

Ready? Here goes:

Day 1: Dec 25 | Night 1: Dec 25-Dec 26

Any goal and any change we are working on starts with us, our Self, our Ego. Depending on its state we have either a weak or a strong base for achieving our goals. This is the first area we’ll focus on.

Daytime Consciousness Work: Connecting with your Self

  1. Find a quiet place where you are not disturbed for about an hour. Take time and focus on completing the following consciousness work per topic and the corresponding meditation. Write all information you receive during the Consciousness Exercises from your subconscious, from your heart and from your mind on a piece of paper as they come to you.
  2. Smudge your space and your Self, sit quietly and relax into your thoughts.
  3. Consciousness Exercise 1: Connecting with your Ego
    • Connect with your Ego and feel its energy of “I AM”. Think about your personality, your Self, the physical body, personal traits (strengths and weaknesses), your approach toward your Self, first impressions, your self assertive urge. 
    • Connect with the Energy of your Base Chakra and sink into the energy of beginning. Ask your Self “What are my earthly roots? What are my spiritual roots? Who am I? What is my calling? What would I like to achieve? Why am I here in this life?
    • Ask your Self “Where am I at?” and complete this sentence “I believe I am …” with the first word or sequence of words that come to mind.
  4. If you have your astrology birth chart, review the actual data in the 1st house. How does it compare to what you just noted in the exercise?
    • What does my birth chart show in the 1st house? (Sign on cusp, Planets in signs)
    • How does the 1st house feel to me? What information am I picking up?

Write all the notes on your worksheet. Then take a moment, relax and take 3 deep breaths.

Prayer and meditation: Connecting with January

  1. Connect with the energy of January—the new beginning—and sit quietly to receive its message. Begin with noticing where you’re at, what you have accomplished since last year January, what is lacking, and what you would rather have or what you still want to accomplish. Then relax into releasing negative thoughts, perhaps even anger and disappointment, by smudging and freeing yourself of tension. Proceed to focus on the preferred goal or outcome over where you’re at now and where you want to be, add positive energy and inspiration by setting an intention of the desired result. 
  2. Let the Universe Speak: Shuffle the Tarot cards while you’re focusing on this energy, then pull 3 cards and write them on your worksheet
    • 1st Card: overall theme of the month
    • 2nd Card: what is my challenge this month?
    • 3rd Card: what is my gift this month?

Bedtime meditation: Just before bedtime think yourself back into the results of the Consciousness Exercises from the day and let them linger in your mind as you start meditating into what you would like to improve. With these thoughts in mind you’ll fall asleep.

For the dreams at night record them as soon as you awake…be it in the middle of the night or in the first seconds after you wake up in the morning. That’s when the information is most present before it slips back into your subconscious. When a dream is not remembered in detail but you know you’ve dreamt something, don’t worry. The time will come when the dream comes forth again. You’ll be ready to take note then.

That’s it–for today!

Tomorrow we’ll focus on our values and our understanding of worth, budgeting and investing. And of course: the month of February.

When all twelve days and nights are completed, you have a wonderful tool for 2020 that keeps you aligned and moving forward on your goals. 

Remember: this is just a tip-of-the-iceberg view into your Self and the upcoming year.

If you’re a participant in my program “My Next Step 101” we’ll focus each month deeper into the topics as they relate directly to your personal birth chart, your calling and your destiny promise. 

Together we’ll work through your specific details, guiding and supporting you on your personal development journey.

To book a personal consultation call +49 (0) 151 540 72172 for Germany or +1 424 250 8076 in the USA.

For workshops and retreats check the events on my Facebook pages /mynextstep101 (English) or /atelierkerstinide (German).

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