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Every year, at the End of December, we prepare ourselves for the New Year with wishes and visions of what we want to change and accomplish ‘next year’. To start the process many ask themselves questions like: 

  • Where am I at in life now and where am I heading?
  • Am I worried or excited about my future?
  • Am I striving to achieve what’s in my heart and become the best I can be?
  • Am I using my time wisely or am I wasting it on people and things that are not meant for me?

Time is not stopping for any of us but we have a choice in how we use it!

My hope and my wish for you is, as we’re heading into the New Year, to take advantage of the time that is given to you and to use it for the things that bring you joy, abundance and fulfillment instead of disappointment, bitterness and regret. 

Today more than ever because with the beginning of the New Year we are moving into a whole new beginning of opportunities: we are moving into a new decade!

Decade (noun) — the cardinal number that is the sum of nine and one

You don’t have to know numerology to understand that 1 is the beginning of something; it’s the start from which we count up. It’s the beginning of a new cycle. 

There is nothing quite so basic to human experience as the cycle. We order ourselves and keep our sanity by the knowledge and use of countless different kinds of cycles. Our heartbeat, brainwaves, and the rhythm of our breathing are the three signs of life itself — when these three disappear, clinical death has occurred. Our entire mental grasp of the world depends on cycles — if events did not recur, there could be no graspable, structured universe. 

Easy examples are weather cycles, crop cycles, economic cycles, civilization cycles, product cycles, production cycles, fashion cycles, song cycles, seasonal cycles, harvest cycles, life cycles, personal growth cycles…you get the gist.

With the new decade we are starting such a new cycle, and it’s merely a few days away.

There is a natural progression with 12 stages of growth, analogous to the growth of a plant. It begins each year with choosing the seeds of what you hope will grow in the year to come; and climaxes in a time of harvest, a time when your wishes come true.

Each one of us passes through the same 12 stages of growth, every year. It’s a sequence that begins with the choosing of the seeds and ends with the harvest.

And, like the agricultural harvest cycle, there is a harvest cycle for people that govern our lives, our achievements, and our growth as individual. This cycle is based on the progress of the sun every year through the 12 departments of life, also called the houses of an individual’s astrological birth chart.

Another important cycle is the cycle of the year based on the progression of the 4 seasons and the 12 months of a year from January to December.

The combination of these two cycles is part of our lifecycle experience.

The Lifecycle Experience: Your Life Journey is Part of Your Soul’s Growth

Every year we start a new cycle: it will either be a repeat of experiences past (ummm: Bleh…) or a new experience promising mental stimulation and a personal and spiritual learning curve with untapped success opportunities for us (ohhh YES!)

Each of the circumstances, situations and challenges we encounter on a new path allow our mind and our spirit to grow and evolve, exposing bit by bit our true genius—to ourselves and to others. And it’s allowing the completion of all lessons and adventures we’ve promised to complete in this lifetime.

To be inspired, to grow and develop is a discipline we need to allow ourselves in order to move on from the past and progress into living an authentic, empowered and fulfilled life.

For this we should know who we are authentically and what we’re here to accomplish, what we are aiming for in our lives. The steady growth in mind and spirit keeps us alive, vibrant, and happy!

Tale or Reality? …And why am I bringing this up in December?

The reason is simple: according to Germanic and Celtic Tradition the ‘Rauhnächte’ are upon us, a time between the moon year (354 days) and the sun year (365 days); leaving 12 days and 11 nights— which are quasi “non-existent”—and in which the laws of nature are overridden and the gates to the here and there are open.

In North America we know this time better as ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’.

From December 24 to January 6, we have the opportunity to connect with our Soul more deeply and gain access to resources and information otherwise not readily available. 

It’s a high time for Spirit Guides, the Elders and the Keepers of the Akashic Records. It’s a time where we want to access the information that will help us making the coming year as part of our personal evolution and reaching our goals easier and more successful.

What you can do to take advantage of this important time?

Join me on my Facebook page /mynextstep101 through this 12-day and 11-night journey by sowing the seeds for an abundant harvest next year.

Each day we’ll focus on one department in our life. We’ll begin with noticing where we’re at, what we’ve accomplished, what is lacking, what do we want our truly desired reality to look like and what’s the ‘need’ and what’s the ‘nice to have’ in the change process.

Each night we’ll pay special attention to our dreams because it is said that they are clues to the corresponding months of the new year with things you may be confronted with, things that may be best to process starting that month, the notion of a deadline by which you need to complete something…anything we need to pay attention to.

By the end of ’The 12 Days of Christmas’ you’ll have a plan and a forecast for the New Year, the first one in the new decade, the first one in the new cycle for you.

And by completing the preparation into the new decade I wish that you have your answers to the questions:

  • Where am I at in my life now and where am I heading?
  • Am I worried or excited about my future?
  • Am I using my time wisely or am I wasting it on people and things that are not meant for me?
  • Am I striving to achieve what’s in my heart and become the best I can be?

Time is not stopping for any of us but we have a choice in how we use it…to reach what we desire sooner, and live our purpose and our happiness longer!

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