The Map to Our Life

(approx. 4-minute read)

I was always drawn to the Tarot. It was the system of bringing forth circumstances and situations—at first seemingly mysterious and later a source of deep philosophy and truth—that fascinated me. It was never the perceived subject of the Tarot being an occult tool.

Using the cards to understand and explore causes and their roots, making them real and noted, helping one to overcome neglecting facts and instead finding confidence and trust in oneself and move forward in life, relationships and career was the source of my own progress. It helped me expanding my mind and my world to meet the universal law of life, fulfillment and happiness.

Studying the philosophy behind the cards and recognizing the many dimensions of information contained in the images of the Tarot, led me to include Astrology, Numerology, elemental and life energy into my studies.

When I was younger I questioned myself a lot and never trusted my desires and decisions to have anything to do with the reality of ‘who I am’ and ‘what I’m here to do’.

Like many I was searching for my happiness in others, riding the wave of whatever life threw my way, having great success in my career and really fun times living the life but also experiencing tremendous hardships. I was traveling the world living in different places yet ultimately I had to admit to myself: I wasn’t truly happy and I wasn’t getting anywhere, not with my Self nor with my life. On the contrary: with every day that went by, with every ’success’ I had, I realized how self-destructive I behaved and how much I was working against my own happiness, and against my own time!

In the course of studying Astrology I understood more and more the treasures these timeless tools hold for personal development, empowerment and self-realization.

Putting all my studies together in a system and a language I understood, and could utilize to help myself (and therefore others), that’s when I started taking these resources serious to (re-)design my life, my goals, my personality—authentically–now serving actively my health, my sanity, my well-being. I was finally stepping into my power. I finally made a claim on my life.

What you see here is my astrological birth chart, a map that exists for everyone…and every thing for that matter. 

It is the very first printed copy of my ‘who’, ’why’ and ‘whereto’ I received when I officially started studying Astrology many years ago—and with that my authenticity and the deeper meaning to me and my purpose.

It’s the clue—or blueprint—every Soul provides the person it becomes during the human experience. It’s the reminder and the plan of what the person is here to learn, to comprehend, and accomplish.

I treasure this map and consult it every time major occurrences, shifts and growth requirements are expected and happening due to the natural laws and the cyclic nature of personal development and evolution. It has reduced my insecurities and the feeling of being lost, stuck and insignificant. Instead, it has given me direction, confidence and trust in my Self, my purpose and my path.

Your astrological birth chart will show a much different display of the signs and the planets, describing your personality, what is important for you to accomplish during every cycle of your personal evolution, to ultimately reach and fulfill your purpose and calling.

And like for myself, I can help you with consulting and deciphering your map, your blueprint, and understand the mysteries in your life—turning insecurities, emptiness and confusion into matters of the past—so you can move forward (re-)designing your life and your goals and achieve fulfillment and happiness in every area of your life.

Whether in my workshops, retreats or personal consultations, I will guide you in stepping into your power authentically and with confidence, reaching your goals sooner, and living your purpose, your calling, and your happiness longer.

“Self-recognition builds Self-worth leading to Self-realization.”

~Kerstin Ide

For consultation times call +49 (0) 151 540 72172 for Germany or +1 424 250 8076 in the USA.
For workshops and retreats check the events on my Facebook pages /mynextstep101 (English) or /atelierkerstinide (German).

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