Good Day and Good Health!

Being busy is common in today’s world but many suffer tough side effects of this ‘on-the-go’ and ‘fast-paced’ lifestyle by getting sick easily, being tired, moody and depressed, unfocused and apathetic, escaping so their lives rather than creating it to purpose, fulfillment and happiness.

Honestly, I used to be one of the ‘many’ and I experienced 3 burnouts, each having a severe effect on my health and the status quo of my life(style).

Today is different: I implemented ‘easiness’ that is both convenient and supports my well-being holistically: spiritually, physically and economically.


Yes, I’m still busy but have not been sick in a super long time, I’m energized, happy, focused and driven creating my life the way I feel most balanced and fulfilled.

Living conscious brought me to understand what I’m all about and what I need (to do) in order to show up and be present in my life.

I started with cleaning out: first my body, then my environment.

For my body I was looking to remove toxins and find balanced yet convenient nutrition options so that I didn’t have to worry about weight (gain), poisoning my system due to hidden chemicals and sugar, craving unhealthy food and beverages/alcohol, stressing my health because of incomplete nutritional value of the foods I’m eating, and being slowed down just because I didn’t receive the energy I need to go about my day.

Food with complete and balanced nutritional value is the energy we need – our body needs – to function and to perform – at optimum – so that we feel great even if we are exposed to stress.

While studying food – it’s components and antidotes, nutrition for well-being, balance in life energy, and the harmony and cyclic activity of all, I found that many of my own philosophies compared with Ayurveda, a science of live and one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful mind-body health systems.

Learning more and more about the nutritional values and combinations of foods I was able to prepare my meals more clean and healthful, but it still took a lot of time and preparation.

I needed more convenience but was not willing to compromise on quality.

Looking at time-saving options that are still comparing with my nutritional goals I found Isagenix.  Learning about the system, the nutritional values, and the science behind the products I knew: this is my solution!

IMG_4606I still enjoy cooking and preparing my own meal(s) with fresh and natural ingredients, but I appreciate and love the easiness and convenience of a nutritional system that removes toxins on a cellular level, provides appropriate nutritional value with each meal, and is supportive of my health and wellness goals, all in easy to prepare shakes and cleanse drinks.

It’s part of my lifestyle, and I completely trust and recommend it!

To learn more, connect with me at or
call (+1) (424) 250 8076.

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