Do you have control of your life? Or is your life controlling you?

In my practice I’m working a lot with improving my clients energy.
Energy is our power center and we have to have enough, and good energy, to move vibrantly and freely.

There are many tools we can use to work in our favor and support our energy and mindset toward accomplishing change and goals.

Earth energy is a wonderful medium to channel from, to ground and align our vibration to what we’re set out to do.

Working with crystal energy is no longer an LA flakey fad (read the article in the NY Times), it’s more and more accepted and applied in corporate and business environments. The effects are undeniable.


Combating daily stress, and activating the power of concentration and action

For example: let’s look at Fluorite.
Fluorite absorbs and neutralizes negative energy and stress, is an excellent learning aid, and increases our powers of concentration, self-confidence and decision-making. It encourages positivity and balances the energies both physically and mentally.

It even promotes focus if you’re searching for your life’s purpose.
Fluorite will definitely guide you there!

Currently we have these items in store:

Pendants (small)

Or, if you want a piece that is not only for energy work but also beautifies and lights up your office, get this gorgeous Fluorite Sitting Buddha

Fluorite Sitting Buddha


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