What Do You Want To Accomplish Over The Next 5 Years?

20 years ago I was working as a Marketing Consultant for a Health & Wellness Treatment Center in one of the top hotels in the Canary Islands, Spain.

The Medical Doctor leading the holistic treatment program back then had a very progressive view on the influence of nutrition on the health of our bodies and therefore the well-being of, well, us humans.

We both had a love for helping people, he through the wonderwork he did as a Medical Doctor, me as a part-time Life Coach to (mostly) women who wanted to make a positive change in their life.

Working together we recognized very quickly that, what each of us had to offer to our clients, was complementing the other’s work and hence brought better results to the people that came to us for help.

So we took the opportunity and created a program in which we focused on detoxing the body, guiding personal breakthrough in thinking and behavioral patterns, and motivating for success.


Internally we called it “Cleanse-Commence-Compete”. These are strong words but absolutely gave justice to the power our clients developed going through the change they desired and reach their goals. It was amazing!

It was an incredible time in which I learned a great deal about health, wellness and nutrition, and the influence it has on the creation of our lives.

Getting rid of anything toxic in our lives, within and without our bodies, is powerful! Removing what wears us out, weighs us down, makes us sick, holds us back is a powerful action, allowing us to move easier, more focused, and stronger in the direction we want to go.

Needless to say I’m an advocate ever since!

Sticking with the basics of the program over the years, even though I’m using a different nutritional system now, I never found myself short on energy, emotional strength, clear focus, or drive to do the things I wanted to accomplish.

Granted, life wasn’t always easy and I experienced my share of take-down’s and break-down’s, but my spirit to evolve and succeed from anything that happened to me never disappeared. I attribute this in great part to how I fed and treated my body over the years.

Looking forward to the next 5 years, I know exactly what I want to accomplish and what I want to create for myself, and anyone entering my life. And I feel empowered by the way my body is supporting me.

What do you want to accomplish over the next 5 years?
And how does your body support you in your efforts?

Comment below or send me a message at kerstin@mynextstep101.com.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
Many Blessings,

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