And Suddenly You Know: It’s Time For A New Beginning!

Toward the end of the year we usually get all hyped up in the mood of “Next year I’m doing everything different! I’m going to start the New Year with new resolutions. And this time I mean it!”….only to realize a couple of weeks later the resolutions are too difficult and easier to forget than to fulfill.


Symbolically, the New Year rings in a new start and it is indeed good to say “With the New Year I’m starting a change because this change will allow me to …(insert your “why”).”

Your “why” is important, you will write it down and place it so you can see it everyday as a reminder why you are implementing the changes.

If you need inspiration or a source of accountability, buddy up or get a coach. It is your effort and you alone know the deep meaning the goal has for you, but the accountability will help keeping you on track.

The path to your goal might not be easy, but worth it.

To go on the journey it’s easier to have a plan, starting at the beginning. Knowing your Self, your strengths and your weaknesses will help you overcome procrastination, blockages and detours. Knowing who you are and your capabilities is just as important as knowing what you want to achieve.

For guidance and consultation connect with me at 424 250 8076 or email

I look forward hearing from you!

Many Blessings,

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