Realizing I don’t have to boil the ocean…

Over the last week, after coming back from Europe, I’ve been catching up with a lot of opportunities here at home. And it’s been overwhelming!

I’m one who tries tending to everything at once and I’m still learning to prioritize.

There are at least 4 stories about new beginnings waiting to be told with the footage ready to go and the storylines halfway written.

But there is also the balanced living and graceful aging portion of my business, and not to mention the travel group planning and organizing, that is calling for attention.

So what to do?

I’m starting with taking a deep breath, and another one, …one more, one more still, …and a very deep one for good measure.

Taking a breath, enjoying Nature.Ok, I feel better. Calmer. And I know where to start: with my sanity.

Sanity requires a healthy mind. A healthy mind requires a healthy body. And that’s where I’ll be focusing on first and foremost.

My community knows what that means, and whoever else is reading this, you will know the meaning very shortly.

All through my life I recognized that the intake of food influenced my day, my mood, my stability, productivity, and my ability to handle stress. When I paid attention to what I feed myself, everything seemed to flow easier and I could move through my day feeling focused, energized, and motivated. When I, however, indulged on bad food choices and alcohol, my day and the following days, were difficult because I felt tired, overburdened, sluggish, sometimes angry and powerless, and even time seemed to stand still.

Not a good feeling, you would agree!

Needless to say, as I’m getting older, I can do without those days that drag me down rather than uplift me.

And so, on a whim, I decided to do a Cleanse Day today to keep me going through my day and the tasks swiftly and focused.

Here’s to a day of no food but lots of energy through the best detox support a woman can ask for.

In health, for graceful aging,

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