When you see a door, aside from
thinking the obvious “it’s a door”,
do you associate the sight with “obstacle”
and quickly walk by, or
do you think “opportunity”
and curiously open it?

Welcome, I’m happy you’re here!

Life sometimes throws us curve balls and some are easier to catch than others.

What do you do when such a situation happens? Do you stick your head in the sand or do you tackle the opportunity right then and there?

For many, especially when used to a certain way of living and thinking for a long time, a curve ball is a reason to duck and hoping the cause and effect will pass by and simply go away, or for someone to show up and solve the issue for us.

Unfortunately that’s often not how it works [out].

Curve balls are coming our way for a reason. They are lessons we’re supposed to pay attention to, learn and grow from, and most importantly: move on from, with a better understanding, to the next [lesson], step-by-step.

Whether we know what to do and how to handle the situation, or facing something for the first time and going into the resolution blindly, this blog is about taking the next step and experiencing the growth a lesson brings with courage, strengths and a healthy curiosity where it will elevate us to.

Life is an interesting journey and we all are here for a reason.

If you are struggling on your journey, or you simply need inspiration on how to continue your journey, I hope the stories shared here will encourage you to take the next step to personal happiness and a better you, spiritually, physically and financially.

Happy travels to us, step-by-step!

With love,