Step Into Your Power Sooner.

Enjoy Your Success and Happiness

It’s Time to Step Up:
Represent What You Desire and Create Your Best Life NOW!

You can have the best of both worlds – being confident in your true identity and connected to your authentic Self while consciously and consistently advancing in life and business with results and achievements you love and can be proud of.

Are your struggling with:
  • You’re caught in the “treadmill of a work existence” running someone else’s race while missing out on the beauty, magic and excitement of your own important dreams, meaningful relationships, and the freedom to do what you love?
  • Constantly giving your power to others because you’re doubting the value and probability of manifesting your own ambitions and desires into success–personally and professionally?
  • Repeatedly inviting or staying with the wrong people and situations for too long, watching your health, beauty and happiness fading away, and experiencing disappointments and hardships over and over again?
  • Feeling you have something greater to contribute but you’re stuck questioning your decisions, plans and results because you lack the energy, clarity and confidence in your Self, your vision and your strategy to fulfill what you’re destined to do?
  • Realizing precious time is passing by and you need to act now but you feel overwhelmed not knowing where to start and powerless to making the desired change?

Turn Your Struggles Into Strength

Learn about and connect to your true Self, define your path and realize your dreams and goals FASTER and MORE EFFICIENT, WITHOUT unnecessary CONFUSION, SETBACKS and HARDSHIPS, and most importantly:

! Clarity

AUTHENTICITY, VIBRANCY and CHARISMA…you can have it all!
Get insights and identify your native and soul personalities, connect deeply to your true Self, develop trust and confidence in your potential, your unclaimed abilities and desires, and ultimately your path to holistic fulfillment.

! Vision

RAISE YOUR VIBRATION…step into your power, apply the right energy and turn your vision into your mission: open your mind and IMAGINE YOUR NEW REALITY, one that utilizes your skills, your talents and gifts, one that is in alignment with your authentic Self, your most daring dreams and desired goals.

! Strategy

RESONATE WITH YOUR GOALS and HONOR YOUR SELF…use your magic and discover the ease of follow-through with a strategy based on YOUR NEW YOU. Take targeted action in alignment with your mission, stay on track and reach your dreams SOONER, and live your success and happiness LONGER.

Stop guessing. START THRIVING.

Learn the secrets to your Self and connect to your Magic.

Hi, I’m Kerstin.

I created ‘My Next Step 101’ as a result of two things: 1) my interest and study of the original personality and life development systems, esoteric psychology and quantum energy practices, and 2) my 30+ years coaching personal and professional development to coworkers and clients as byproduct of my career as Producer and Program Manager in traditional and digital media, leading individuals and teams to thrive and succeed in their potential, their careers, businesses, and ultimately in their personal lives too.
A couple of years ago, at 50 years young and at a crossroad myself, I decided to fully focus on alternative and holistic coaching and work with individuals and entrepreneurs like you, making sure to open their heart to their Self and claim the fullness of their life.
In this praxis I’ve helped hundreds of people and I can help you too!

“I cannot imagine doing anything else but enlighten and empowering those who are ready and desire to meet their own brilliance and happiness–personally and professionally.”

~Kerstin Ide