Personal Brand Design 2.0

Creating Your “New” Identity in #lifeaftercorporate:
Authentic, Vivid, Inescapable!

with Kerstin [the key] Ide
Internationally Renowned Expert on Soul2Human Communication,
Creative Media Producer & Social Media Photographer
Creator & Founder ‘My Next Step 101’

Struggling through the
midlife funk trying to establish your
Plan B in life or business?

Looking for opportunities to level up
and better present your ‘New You’
on social media for greater impact and reach?

Hi, I’m Kerstin.

Gen-X Rebel, soul-conscious [life] artist,
personal brand designer/social media photographer.
I work with inspired, open-minded and
forward-thinking fellow ‘mid-lifers’ who are ready
to re-establish themselves in #lifeaftercorporate.
Let’s talk “OPPORTUNITY”:

— Tips, Tricks & Hacks —

Establishing Your New You!

It’s time to step into the ‘limelight’:
designing your greater presence, your voice, your unique niche of expertise, and sharing all of it powerfully and successfully with the world.

— Photo Gallery —

Looking for inspiration or vivid images for your social media stories and posts?

Check out options in my photo journal.


Working With The Best Pays Off!

“Regardless of how silly, quirky or weird you think your passion might be, there is an audience and successful business waiting for you.”

Kane Minkus,
Founder Industry Rockstar LLC
Chandler, AZ (USA)

When ‘normal’ fails… quirky, different and unique often brings the desperately needed insights and results.

Hear how Martha and Alexandra realized their greater opportunities for SUCCESS–both personally and professionally–while consulting with me.

Martha & Alexandra,
Founders ‘Like Mother, Like Daughter’,
Zurich, Switzerland

Greatest Reasons to Join the Journey!

“Kerstin is the most gifted [Reader] you will find. I’m glad she is here.”

Dr. Athena Perrakis
Founder & CEO of Sage Goddess Inc,

Los Angeles, CA (USA)

“I cannot imagine doing anything else but enlighten and empowering those who are ready and desire to meet their own brilliance and happiness–personally and professionally.”

~Kerstin Ide, Founder and Creator of ‘My Next Step 101’

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