Cover image with Kerstin Ide, a GenX Rebel teaching The ke.i Method on how to Own the CHANGE You Desire.

A GenX Rebel’s Wisdom Guide on Change, New Beginnings & the Power of Self-love to Create BETTER

Soul Revival, Self-Realization & Aging Beautiful

Hello, I’m Kerstin and you are right here with me where you belong. 
That is, if you’re also on a CHANGE-JOURNEY to GROW & EVOLVE into BETTER.

Wait, what? You’re stuck and overwhelmed and the change you desire seems to create chaos all around and is too much to handle so you’re stalling on your progress, or even worse: you’re ready to give up?

Let me tell you a little BIG secret:

Change is a SYSTEM with designated steps, dynamics and momentums that, when understood and applied, empowers YOU to create that change you seek with more ease, focus and timely actions. It propels YOU to reach that goal with joy, gumption and success AND it inspires you to keep going to create even BETTER yet.

Become CHANGE-CONFIDENT: read inspiring stories, experience the Universal Law on CHANGE TO EVOLVE in action, join the FUN and create your next chapter and an elevated life experience in the now.

See you on the inside,

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Own the CHANGE You Desire

The Curious Seekers Wisdom Guide on Personal Evolution for Conscious Self-realization Work

Are you there yet? The time in your life when you actively seek change to grow and level UP by ‘repositioning’ your Self in life, your relationships, career or business?

Welcome, you are in the right place!

Join the journey exploring the timeless wisdoms and universal laws on personal growth, and the dynamics of change to evolve on your journey to Self-realization and Aging Beautiful. Get empowered to making the right progress faster, more efficient and tailored to your goals. And open new opportunities to explore your story deeper and move your best life experience forward.

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Kerstin Ide Lebenskunst: The Blog
Mastering the Art of Being Alive
Kerstin Ide Lebenskunst, powered by The ke.i Method

‘leːbn̩skʊnst: German noun, feminine, translated as ‘The Art of Living’

~ The Blog ~

This collection of my original stories is meant to open minds, eyes and hearts to new possibilities on change to evolve and The Art of BEing ALIVE, especially for women working consciously through the inevitable changes faced during the midlife crisis catharsis.

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Hi, I’m Kerstin

–wisdom seeker, quirky middle ager (hello 54!) and spirited storyteller by heart.

By profession, I’m an Internationally Renowned Expert on Soul2Human Communication, Creative Media Producer & Lifestyle Photographer.

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