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Lebenskunst: ‘leːbn̩skʊnst | German noun, feminine

For Inspired #midlifewomen Who Are Ready To Turning (Mid)Life Challenges Into a Beautiful, Eye-opening & Empowering Self-Realization Journey

Aging Beautiful . Personal Brand Design 2.0 . The Art of BEing Alive

My Next Step 101 Masterclass

Struggle Less For Success: Own the Change You Desire

Are you there yet? The time in your life when you actively seek to change, grow and level up by ‘repositioning’ your Self in life, your career or business?

Welcome, you are not alone!

Join the journey discovering the universal laws of personal evolution, opening new opportunities to explore your story deeper and move your life experience forward. Develop focus, confidence and conviction by designing your Personal Brand 2.0 and celebrate fulfilling your Life Mission.

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Mastering the Art of BEing Alive

~ The Blog ~

This collection of my original [photo] stories is meant to open minds, eyes and hearts to new possibilities in The Art of BEing ALIVE, especially for women working consciously through the inevitable changes faced during the midlife crisis catharsis.

Read the Stories:

Challenging Menopause

Yesterday I posted in the spirit of the moment a reel on Instagram because I was just so damn thankful! (I included it at the end of the post.) The caption read:—Feeling fabulous and beautiful in my 50’s!Thanks to renewed self-love and this BFF!Thank you Isagenix for overdelivering on your values in ‘The Art OfContinue reading “Challenging Menopause”

What the heck is ‘Lebenskunst’? And why did you name your blog so?

An example of a brand name In the process of developing our identity, our brand, there are certain keywords that keep coming up. Eventually they become our motto, words we live by that help give us a sense of direction and purpose. For me it was ‘Lebenskunst’ and the process of inventing, developing and evolvingContinue reading “What the heck is ‘Lebenskunst’? And why did you name your blog so?”


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Hi, I’m Kerstin

–Bohemian rebel, quirky middle ager (hello 54!) and spirited storyteller by heart.

By profession, I’m an Internationally Renowned Expert on Soul2Human Communication, Entrepreneur, Creative Media Producer & Photographer.

Read more about me…

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