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If you still have dreams that are unfulfilled, you have not yet met THE BEST VERSION of YOU–the one capable of fulfilling them.

Let me help you discover her, or him!

Hi, I’m Kerstin.
I’m a Leadership Development and Success Image Consultant, working with life changers, game changers and aspiring entrepreneurs–like you: people who have goals and dreams and are ready to discover their untapped potential, realize their unique life calling and turning it into a breakthrough success story–in life and business.

'Your Breakthrough Journey' Workbook for the 'My Next Step 101' program.

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Are you READY to TAKE the right ACTION to INNOVATE, TRANSFORM & EVOLVE your Self and your business, gaining more freedom, peace of mind and happiness?

The Power is…Within You!

Are you READY to…

✔ UNDERSTAND the higher laws of personal growth for charismatic leadership and breakthrough success,
✔ IDENTIFY your greater calling and turn it into an authentic and fulfilling business opportunity,
✔ UNLOCK your unique breakthrough code, remove blindspots and overcome obstacles for healthy and steady progress in your success journey,
✔ REALIZE untapped opportunities, RECALIBRATE your story and GROW your business authentically,
✔ EVOLVE into your greatness and SHOW UP FULLY—for yourself, your team and your customers?

Hear how my consultations helped Martha and Alexandra to their breakthrough success:

“As you become more clear about who you really are, you’ll be better able to decide what is best for you – the first time around.”

~Oprah Winfrey

Step Up Your Personal and Professional Game:
Break Your Glass Ceiling–in Life and Business!

The universal law for spiritual, personal and professional growth is hidden in the ancient sciences and timeless teachings of the original–but almost forgotten–tools for human potential development like Tarot, Numerology and Astrology.

In my 30+ years consulting, using these ancient wisdom tools in combination with modern holistic consciousness practices and education in management and advanced leadership, I developed a unique method that promotes deeper levels of awareness for growth and success opportunities–both in life and business.

With ‘My Next Step 101’, I’m taking you on YOUR PERSONAL BREAKTHROUGH JOURNEY, opening your mind and heart to the greater wisdom of life, realizing the difference between your perceived success experience thus far and your greater legacy story still waiting for you to conquer and triumph.

Are you ready?

“I cannot imagine doing anything else but enlighten and empowering those who are ready and desire to meet their own brilliance and happiness–personally and professionally.”

~Kerstin Ide, Founder and Creator of ‘My Next Step 101’

Stop Guessing.
Start Now!