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For Inspired #midlifewomen:
Own the CHANGE You Desire & EVOLVE to
Be Beautiful, Empowered, Recognized–in Life and Business

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Quote by Kerstin Ide:
When you haven an idea you're confident about, you create posture.
When you have a mission you're passionate about, you create presence.
With posture you'll be seen.
With presence, you'll be recognized!

Do you frequently find your Self wanting to

  • Connect to and rediscover your authentic Self in an effort of bringing Her (back) to life?
  • Break stagnant energy and rejuvenate your image to motivate a more vibrant presence?
  • Become more spiritual aware to your Soul’s (healing) journey and your life’s mission?
  • Redefine and up-level your worth and values to gain greater recognition?
  • Step into your true power and build a charismatic & beautiful Personal Brand that is greatly rewarded for its values, talents and impact mission?
  • Evolve your success experience from mediocre to wonderful or even amazing?
  • Finally feel like “I’m Absolutely Worth It!” again?

Then read on, because this is for YOU!

Turn (Mid)Life Challenges Into a Beautiful, Eye-opening & Empowering Journey With

The Ultimate Formula on Change for
Personal Growth & Greater Life Experiences

Are you there yet? The time in your life when you actively seek change but have no idea where to start, how to move through it and finally hit the goal or get to that destination you long for?

Welcome, you are not alone!

Join the journey exploring the universal law of personal evolution, opening new opportunities to move your life experience forward while developing focus, confidence and conviction for your Personal Brand and Life Mission.

Kerstin Ide in photo studio standing posture looking up to link 'Join the Masterclass'

Lebenskunst: ‘leːbn̩skʊnst | German noun, feminine

Mastering the Art of BEing Alive

~ The Blog ~

This collection of my original [photo] stories is meant to open minds, eyes and hearts to new possibilities in The Art of BEing ALIVE, especially for women working consciously through the inevitable changes faced during the midlife crisis catharsis.

Read the Stories:

What the heck is ‘Lebenskunst’? And why did you name your blog so?

An example of a brand name In the process of developing our identity, our brand, there are certain keywords that keep coming up. Eventually they become our motto, words we live by that help give us a sense of direction and purpose. For me it was ‘Lebenskunst’ and the process of inventing, developing and evolvingContinue reading “What the heck is ‘Lebenskunst’? And why did you name your blog so?”


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Hi, I’m Kerstin

–Bohemian rebel, quirky middle ager (hello 54!) and spirited storyteller by heart.

My mission is helping inspired #midlifewomen Own the CHANGE She Desires, EVOLVE Her PERSONAL BRAND & Show Up for SUCCESS–in Life and Business.

Read more about me…

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