Food for Thought…

How often do you sayI wish I had known sooner”, or “I wish someone had told me before I wasted all this time, effort and emotions on ‘X’”?

How often do you stall on action because you doubt your Self or what your gut is telling you?

And how often do you wish, deep in your heart, for objective guidance and clear signs to achieve your dreams and goals faster and with more ease?


What if I told you there is a way? What if I told you there are methods and techniques to bring direction and build trust to your own senses, allowing you to belief in yourself to do the best thing, at the correct time, for the right reasons, and all in benefit of your highest good?


Hi, my name is Kerstin.

For many years I’ve successfully enlightened and guided women who had either the same or very similar questions, and who were sincere in exploring their identity, their purpose and the best direction to pursue their dreams.

Through many years of study, experience and genuine interest in matters of personal and professional growth I developed an integrated personality profiling system that allows you to discover and connect with your authentic Self, your gifts, talents and your desired life path.

My heart-centered and insightful consultations and mentorship program ‘My Next Step 101’ are designed to help you

  • (Re-)Connect With Your Heart, Your Soul, and Your Life
  • Find and Live Your Purpose
  • Develop Healthy Habits Supporting Your Goals and Dreams
  • Become Beautiful From the Inside Out
  • Connect and Express Your Personality and Style
  • Love Who You Are and What You Have to Offer

And through the process of such insights and growth, enjoy the benefits to

  • Experience Alternative Ways and Break Limiting Thought Processes, Beliefs and Behaviors
  • Save Time, Money and Efforts by Understanding and Connecting to Your Path
  • Get Faster to Experiencing Your Best Life and Enjoy the Happiness of Living Your Dreams
  • Secure a Future That is Yours With Choices That Are Suited For You (vs. someone else)
  • Enjoy Life and Have Fun

I can’t wait to work with you!

With Love,