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My Next Step 101

This is your personal game plan for targeted change, improvement and balance in the key areas of your life. It is the basis for your newfound understanding and respect for your Self and your authentic life path.

  • Develop a deeper understanding for your Self, your ambitions and your dreams
  • Realize the cyclic nature of life experiences and break free from limiting patterns
  • Understand the basics of correct investments and budgeting for sustainable growth and success
  • Gain a new motivation for living your life consciously, gracefully and healthy
  • Step into the new You with confidence, self-love and self-worth
  • Develop clarity in your goals and the best path of action
  • Balance life and career easily and with joy
  • Deepen your relationships
  • Experience a new personal freedom and happiness

3, 6 and 12 months options available.
Details and Registration coming soon!

For questions please contact us here or call in the US at +1 (424) 250 8076 and in Germany (Europe) at +49 (0) 151 540 72172.

The Hollywood Effect

3 Sure-fire Ways to Discover Your Star Qualities for Your Best Life Now!

In this interactive and fun intensive program we will use insider tips and tricks from the “Star makers and Storytellers in Hollywood” to

  • Uncover your authentic Self and create an exciting character people fall in love with
  • Create your individual style and stand out from the crowd
  • Develop your captivating story that keeps you at the top of the charts in life, love and career

Learn first hand how you can apply these best practices to support you on your life journey and achieve the change and success you desire faster and with more impact.

4-week intensive, local and online options available.

For questions please contact us here or call in the US at +1 (424) 250 8076 and in Germany (Europe) at +49 (0) 151 540 72172.


Reclaiming the Divine Feminine

The Magic of the Divine Feminine: natural, genuinely beautiful, conscious, self-realized.

In the age of the daily struggle for survival, the pressure to succeed, life in the fast lane, and the obsessive portrayal of status and possessions – all masculine, external values ​​- our feminine, inner values ​​such as conscious Self care, nurture and deep understanding of our body, mind and soul, the wisdom and intuition, the natural attunement to ourselves with self-love, self-respect and self-realization, remains often ignored or goes unnoticed.

In this series of workshops, we guide you into the balance of both energies, the masculine and the feminine, and thus to deep self-knowledge and new opportunities for life, success and happiness.

Activate Your Spirit: Selbst-care, Vitality & Charisma
Understand the role of your body and mind (w)holy as the one life force providing for and supporting you in every aspect

Die Balance of the Conscious and the Divine Feminine: What Your Intuition and Wisdom is Telling You and why!
The holistic development of your ‘magical’ talents and the connection to your soul path and your life challenges

For Better & For Worth: Your path to Self-worth and Self-realization
The trap of stagnation: Break the chain of misfortune and unhappiness
Recognize the relationship between budgeting and investing and use it profitably to fulfill your goals and lifelong dreams

“What’s your Story?” …Of Happiness and Fulfilling Your Purpose
Take action with new insights toward a goal-oriented, fulfilled and happy life

Details, dates and registration for each workshop available in the Event section on our Facebook page

For questions please contact us here or call in the US at +1 (424) 250 8076 and in Germany (Europe) at +49 (0) 151 540 72172.