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Our Programs & Workshops

Our programs are dedicated to the topics of ‘Aging Beautiful & The Divine Feminine‘, and ‘Living a Life of Purpose & Happiness’.

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For questions please contact us in the US at (424) 250 8076 and in Germany (Europe) at 0151 540 72172.

Online Programs

The Hollywood Effect

3 Sure-fire Ways to Discover Your Star Qualities for Your Best Life Now!

In this interactive and fun program we will use insider tips and tricks from the “Star-maker Industry” and discover your most distinctive qualities and talents and how they can support you on your life journey to achieve the change and success you desire faster.

The workshop is sold out.
Bummer You missed out! But don’t worry, registration for the next course will open soon and you can let us know where to send the info to here.
Success with My Next Step 101

Say “goodbye” to toxicity in your body, mind and spirit and the limitations that come with it; and instead develop a healthy attitude toward your Self, your Life, your Worth, and experience the freedom and joy of practicing self-love above all, gain clarity and develop consciousness toward your correct life path, your true purpose, and enjoy the success you achieve with ease through all the beauty and good that comes to you.

Wake up to your power in the Now, push boundaries, and redefine outdated beliefs:

  • Connect With Your Heart, Your Soul, and Your Life
  • Develop Healthy Habits Supporting Your Goals and Dreams
  • Become Beautiful From the Inside Out
  • Connect and Express Your Personality and Style
  • Find and Live Your True Purpose
  • Love Who You Are and What You Have to Offer
  • …and Live Your Magic!