Step into your higher power.
Transform your present
Evolve your future!

“As you become more clear about who you really are, you’ll be better able to decide what is best for you – the first time around.”

~Oprah Winfrey
Are you struggling with:
  • Your current reality in life, love and career or business doesn’t resonate with you anymore and you feel out of balance and unhappy?
  • You have difficulty making sense of the ‘Why’ behind disappointing and unfulfilling experiences or challenges you’re facing–over and over again–personally and in your business?
  • You sense there is more to you and your life and you could be thriving on a much deeper and more fulfilling level, but you struggle to trust your intuition and inner guidance to show you the way?
  • You’re awakening to the idea of opening your heart and mind to reconnecting with your true essence, liberate your authentic Self and create a much more exciting story for yourself…but don’t know how or where to start?
  • Your anxiety is growing and you realize you need guidance and direction on making the necessary changes to manifest what you deeply desire NOW?

Turn Your Struggles Into Strength!

Connect with your Self and your life in deeper and more fulfilling ways:
Experience My Next Step 101–Your Transformational Journey to an Evolved You!

Clarity: Identify!

Receive the missing insights and direction to both your native and soul personalities, connect with your heart to your authentic story, develop trust and confidence in your untapped potential, and recognize the value and importance of your unclaimed capabilities for your Self and others on your entrepreneurial journey to success.

Vision: Create!

Rapidly advance to the next level up by mastering the cyclic evolution through the 12 key experience areas of growth.
RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONapply the right energy and experience your breakthrough. Thrive on a deeper and more conscious level with new vision, vitality and zest toward your calling and freedom.

Success: Honor!

Empower your transformation by navigating, reseting and synthesizing aspects of your life with ease using the correct resources and investments.
Take targeted action in alignment with your authentic story and your destiny promise.
Stay on track: reach your goals SOONER, and live your calling, success and happiness LONGER.

Learn the Secrets to Your Authentic Story.
Raise Your Consciousness.
Live Your Purpose!

Hello, I’m Kerstin Ide.

I created ‘My Next Step 101’ to give access to and contribute my tools and wisdom in Conscious Transformation accumulated over 30 years as the result of two things:
1) my natural interest and long-time studies in the cyclic law of personal growth, ancient life sciences, esoteric psychology, Natal Astrology, Tarot, quantum energy practices, and
2) my 25+ years mentoring in personal and professional development to coworkers and clients as a byproduct of my international career as Producer and Program Manager in traditional and digital media, leading individuals and teams to thrive and succeed in their potential, their careers, businesses, and ultimately in their personal lives too.

A few years ago, at 50 years young and at a crossroad myself, I decided to fully focus on mentoring and consulting entrepreneurial spirited people like you, opening your mind and your heart to realizing the difference between your perceived life experience and your authentic story, pinpointing your ‘breaking points’ as untapped capabilities in your personal and professional growth cycles, creating so new opportunities for you to thrive and succeed, build confidence and trust to (re)write your story and claim the fullness and happiness in all areas of your life experience with strategy and direction.

Kerstin Ide Profile Picture

“Working with Kerstin was always a pleasure. She was instrumental in taking a company that was disorganized and turning it into a streamlined successful business.”
Willis Wood, President of Trade Show Emporium, Denver, CO

“My sincere gratitude to Kerstin for the incredibly beautiful reading my mother and I had with her. It was the first time we felt peace and relief about our situation. She is truly amazing!”
Ilona Benderson, MD/USA

“I cannot imagine doing anything else but enlighten and empowering those who are ready and desire to meet their own brilliance and happiness–personally and professionally.”

~Kerstin Ide